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Thetford N4090E+ Absorption Fridge Flat Framed Door (89L)
  • Thetford N4090E+ Absorption Fridge Flat Framed Door (89L)

    SKU: R291

    Ideal for installation in campervans, motorhomes and caravans, this absorption fridge is designed to accommodate the vehicle’s wheel arch. The Thetford N4090E+ is compact three way absorption fridge made up of a 78-litre capacity fridge and 11-litre freezer compartment and can run on either Vehicle Battery, Gas or Mains. The system automatically chooses the optimal power source, or users can manually pick their preferred source through the LED control panel.

    This N4090E+ model has a flat framed matt black door (30mm in depth) with left hand hinging, which can easily be converted to the right side if desired. The secure closing door ensures the fridge remains closed when the vehicle is moving.

    The fridge features two flexible inner door balconies, two flexible shelves and a salad crisper drawer.

    • Key Features

      • 78 Litre fridge capacity
      • 11 Litre freezer compartment
      • Dimensions 821 x 525 x 543mm
      • LED display
      • Power source and failure indication
      • Automatic power selection
      • Interior light
      • Left side hinging (kit included to change from left to right)
      • Standard CI-BUS connection
      • Runs on DC, AC and gas
      • Powercables and gasinlet tube at the bottom-backside of the fridge
      • Manual diagnostic indication
      • Electric ignition and gas valve
      • Secure closed door
      • 3 year warranty
    • Specification

      • Height Description: 821mm
      • Width: 525mm
      • Depth: 543mm
      • Weight: 22.5kg
      • Colour: Black
      • Control: LED Display
      • Ignition: Battery
      • Fridge Capacity: 78 Litres
      • Consumption: 2.6 kWh/24h
      • Application: Campervans, Motorhomes, Caravans
      • Series: N4000
      • Capacity Description: Gross: 89 Litres
      • Energy Supply: 12V DC, 230V AC, LPG
      • Gas Consumption: 270g/24h
      • Country of Origin: Netherlands
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