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Porta Potti Carry Bag *65 Range
  • Porta Potti Carry Bag *65 Range

    SKU: R230

    Porta Potti Carry Bag - 165, 365 & 565


    The two handles make it easy to transport the Porta Potti, whilst also making it discrete to carry your tank. The bag has a durable zip and is made of sturdy bag material. The interior of the bag has a gloss finish for easy cleaning. The bag itself is washable in the domestic washing machines (max 40C). This way the bag is ideal for transportation and protection of your portable toilet and you don't need to keep the carton box. The Porta Potti Carry Bag comes in two sizes. One for the smaller sized portable as the Porta Potti 335, 145 & 345, and one for the bigger range, the Porta Potti x65 series (Porta Potti 165, 365 & 565).

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