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Sentinel Ultimate
  • Sentinel Ultimate

    SKU: Sent Ult.


    Elevate the security of your motorhome with the Sentinel Ultimate Motorhome Alarm and GPS Tracking System, providing top-tier protection. Our industry-leading system features a Vanguard Alarm, alerts for power cuts and low battery levels, Euro-Wide Roaming SIM, and tow alerts, ensuring around-the-clock security for your motorhome. Access vital information and detailed reports effortlessly through the user-friendly MyPhantom app and web portal. The Ultimate system boasts the highest Thatcham accreditation, S5, offering automated driver recognition (ADR) and immobilization for enhanced theft protection. Experience unparalleled security with the Sentinel Ultimate.

    Subscription From;

    • £13.50 Per Month
    • £149.00 -  1 * Year Subscription
    • £499.00 -  5 * Year Subscription
    • £499.00 - Lifetime Subscription
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