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Sentinel S7 Caravan
  • Sentinel S7 Caravan

    SKU: CV Sentinel S7

    Discover the pinnacle of caravan security and tracking with the Caravan Sentinel. This comprehensive system seamlessly integrates the Vanguard Alarm with Thatcham S7 accredited Tracking, delivering round-the-clock protection. Enjoy the assurance of a 24hr Recovery Call Centre and a Euro-Wide Roaming SIM for optimal signal strength. Stay informed with Power Cut and Low Power Alerts, while the MyPhantom app and web portal provide access to crucial information and detailed reports, including battery life, mileage, and other insights. 

    Subscription From;

    • £10.99 Per Month
    • £125.00 1 * Year Subscription
    • £200.00 2 * Year Subscription
    • £399.00 5 * Year Subscription
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