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Sentinel S5
  • Sentinel S5

    SKU: S5


    Explore the optimal solution for safeguarding your motorhome with the Sentinel S5 Motorhome Alarm and GPS Tracking System. This comprehensive system includes industry-approved GPS tracking, a robust Vanguard Alarm, alerts for power cuts and low battery levels, a Euro-Wide Roaming SIM, and tow alerts, ensuring continuous security 24/7. Benefit from the automated driver recognition feature to further protect against potential theft. Access crucial information and detailed reports about your vehicle effortlessly through the user-friendly MyPhantom app and web portal. Choose proven and reliable security with the Sentinel S5.

    Subscription From;

    • £13.50 Per Month
    • £149.00 -  1 * Year Subscription
    • £499.00 -  5 * Year Subscription
    • £499.00 - Lifetime Subscription
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