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Porta Potti 565E (Excellence Electric)
  • Porta Potti 565E (Excellence Electric)

    SKU: R106

    Introducing the Thetford Porta Potti 565E, where innovation meets convenience in the world of portable sanitation. Elevate your outdoor adventures with this advanced portable toilet, meticulously designed to provide you with a comfortable and hygienic experience wherever you go.

    Key Features:

    • Electric Excellence: The Porta Potti 565E sets itself apart with an electric flush system, adding a touch of modern convenience to your outdoor excursions. Effortlessly maintain cleanliness with the push of a button, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient operation.

    • Battery-Powered Comfort: Powered by batteries, this portable toilet eliminates the need for external power sources. Experience the freedom to set up your sanitation station anywhere, whether you're camping in the wilderness, on a boat, or enjoying a road trip.

    • Spacious and Ergonomic Design: Comfort is a priority. The 565E features a spacious bowl and comfortable seating height, providing a more natural and enjoyable experience. It's the perfect blend of practicality and comfort, ensuring you feel at ease wherever your travels take you.

    • Waste Level Indicator: Stay in control of your sanitation needs. The Porta Potti 565E comes equipped with a convenient waste level indicator, allowing you to monitor when it's time for maintenance without any surprises. Enjoy peace of mind as you embark on your outdoor adventures.

    • Odor-Free Operation: Thetford's sealed valve technology and high-quality materials ensure exceptional odor control. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells – the Porta Potti 565E keeps your environment fresh and inviting, enhancing the overall outdoor experience.

    • Integrated Toilet Paper Holder: Convenience is key. The built-in toilet paper holder keeps essentials within easy reach, adding an extra layer of practicality to your portable sanitation solution.

    • Sturdy and Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the Porta Potti 565E features a robust build that can withstand the challenges of outdoor use. Travel with confidence, knowing that your portable toilet is built to last.

    Upgrade your outdoor experience with the Thetford Porta Potti 565E, a cutting-edge portable toilet that brings a new level of sophistication to on-the-go sanitation. Enjoy the freedom to explore without compromising on comfort and cleanliness. Wherever adventure takes you, the Porta Potti 565E is ready to redefine your expectations.

    • Specification

      Voltage Description: 6 x 1.5V DC AA Batteries
      Height Description: 44.8cm, Seating: 44.3cm
      Width: 38.8cm
      Depth: 45cm
      Weight: 5.3kg
      Colour: White
      Flush System: Electric
      Capacity Description: Waste -  21L / Water - 15L
      Level Indicator: Waste & Water Tank

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