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Oyster® V
  • Oyster® V

    Introducing the Oyster® V, ten Haaft pioneers a new era in mobile antenna technology, featuring reduced weight, a more compact design, and enhanced engineering compared to its predecessors. Our unwavering commitment to superior quality remains unchanged. Discover for yourself the cutting-edge Oyster® V!

    Experience a monumental leap forward with the Oyster® V generation, standing at just 17 cm in height. Its sleek design, complemented by the curved shape of the feed arm, minimizes space requirements when in the rest position. This low profile is maintained even with TWIN LNB and SKEW options.

    Explore customization with the TWIN LNB option, providing two satellite connections for separate programs on a second receiver or integrated TV set. Optimize reception at the satellite's fringe areas with the SKEW feature, automatically adjusting the LNB to compensate for the skew angle caused by the Earth's curvature.

    Maximize convenience with the TWIN-LNB SKEW combination, offering the best of both systems. The innovative antenna aligns itself directly with satellite positions, eliminating the need for lengthy scan cycles. This technical advancement relies on the synergy of GPS, 3D compass, and inclination sensor technologies.

    The Oyster® V's "single-cable solution" streamlines installation, handling control commands, power supply, and signal transmission through a single cable. The rotary-head technology, proven in tens of thousands of Oyster® systems, reduces weight, power consumption, and mechanical load. The elevated pivot point ensures free movement, even with a snow-covered roof.

    Weighing only about 11 kg, the Oyster® external unit is lighter yet more robust than its predecessors, guaranteeing stability for uninterrupted reception. Crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials used in motor sports, the ultra-lightweight magnesium dish arm and glass-fibre-reinforced plastic feed arm provide unmatched durability and torsional rigidity.

    Experience stability, longevity, and superior performance with the Oyster® V – where innovation meets reliability.

    • Technical Specification

      • Dish diameter / Dimension Ø 85 cm
      • Height ~ 17 cm
      • Weight of external Unit ~ 11 kg
      • Weight of Mountains material and accessories ~ 3 kg
      • Automatic satellite aiming
      • Max. permissible vehicle speed 150 km/h
      • Connected voltage (on-board voltage) - (Volt) 12 V / 24 V
      • Max. current draw during satellite search 7 A
      • Current draw (reception mode) - depends on TV set used
      • Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system in standard/power-saving mode – 30 mA / 10 mA (WLAN enabled/WLAN disabled)
      • Type Approval E1 10R - 068566
    • Scope Of Supply

      • External unit
      • Control box
      • Connection cable (5m)
      • Mountains plante
      • Mounting and instruction manual
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