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  • OYSTER® 70

    Elegantly designed, modern in anthracite, and equipped with convenient APP control – these are the hallmark features of the anniversary antenna by ten Haaft. True to the brand's tradition, it impresses with distinctive features, established quality, and top-notch service!

    Thanks to its size, the Oyster® 70 ensures ample reception capacity even in challenging weather conditions. The dish size plays a vital role in determining the number and quality of programs you can receive. The antenna dish in each Oyster® 70 system is precision-manufactured with zero tolerances and ultimate dimensional accuracy, ensuring optimal signal reception across its entire surface.

    Compact at just 17.5 cm in height, the Oyster® 70 is remarkably space-efficient. The curved shape of the feed arm allows the antenna body to occupy minimal space in its rest position. This low height is maintained even in Oyster® 70 systems with the TWIN LNB option.

    Option: TWIN LNB for personalized use: The satellite system offers the TWIN-LNB as an optional feature, providing two satellite connections to feed a separate program to a second receiver or a second TV set with an integrated receiver.

    The dedicated app for all ten Haaft mobile satellite systems provides easy control, enabling you to manage various functions such as retracting or unfolding the antenna, adjusting settings, accessing information, and reading error codes through your smartphone. An added advantage of the ten Haaft® app is its capability to automatically update the system software. In the event of technical modifications, your smartphone will notify you, allowing you to seamlessly install updates in the satellite system's control unit via WLAN. This ensures a continuous and trouble-free TV entertainment experience while you're on the move.

    • Technical Specification

      • Dish diameter / Dimension ~ Ø 70 cm
      • Height ~ 17,5 cm
      • Weight of external Unit ~ 11,7 kg
      • Weight of Mountains material and accessories ~ 3 kg
      • Automatic satellite aiming
      • Max. permissible vehicle speed 150 km/h
      • Connected voltage (on-board voltage) - (Volt) 10,5 V - 32 V
      • Max. current draw during satellite search 7 A
      • Current draw (reception mode) - depends on TV set used
      • Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system in standard/power-saving mode – 30 mA / 10 mA (WLAN enabled/WLAN disabled)
      • Type Approval E1 10R - 068566
    • Scope Of Supply

      • External unit
      • Control box
      • Connection cable (5m)
      • Mountains plante
      • Mounting and instruction manual
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