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    The Oyster® – a timeless classic! This antenna enables you to indulge in TV and radio programs across continental Europe, offering a broad reception range and exceptional image clarity. Its digital satellite technology ensures that you can enjoy your favorite programs even in remote locations like Greece!

    The Oyster® is designed with a size that provides ample reception capacity, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. The dish size plays a crucial role in determining the number of programs you can receive and their quality. Each Oyster® system's antenna dish is meticulously manufactured with zero tolerances and ultimate dimensional accuracy, guaranteeing optimal signal reception across its entire surface.


    • TWIN LNB for personalized use: The satellite system offers an optional TWIN LNB, providing two satellite connections that can feed separate programs to a second receiver or a second TV set with an integrated receiver.

    • SKEW for extended range: Achieving optimal reception at the fringe of a satellite's footprint, especially in south-western and south-eastern regions, may require the rotation of the LNB (Low Noise Block). The earth's curvature causes the receiver to tilt away from the satellite signal's orientation, known as the skew angle. To compensate for this, the LNB must be turned so that the satellite signals fall onto the antenna at the correct angle for maximum reception range. The optional SKEW feature includes a small electric motor that automatically adjusts the LNB.

    The dedicated app for all ten Haaft mobile satellite systems provides easy control, enabling you to manage various functions such as retracting or unfolding the antenna, adjusting settings, accessing information, and reading error codes through your smartphone. An added advantage of the ten Haaft® app is its capability to automatically update the system software. In the event of technical modifications, your smartphone will notify you, allowing you to seamlessly install updates in the satellite system's control unit via WLAN. This ensures a continuous and trouble-free TV entertainment experience while you're on the move.

    • Technical Specification

      • Dish diameter / Dimension Ø 65 / 85 cm
      • Height ~ 22 cm
      • Weight of external Unit ~ 11 kg / ~ 12 kg
      • Weight of Mountains material and accessories ~ 3 kg / ~ 3 kg
      • Automatic satellite aiming
      • Max. permissible vehicle speed 130 km/h
      • Connected voltage (on-board voltage) - (Volt) 12 V / 24 V
      • Max. current draw during satellite search 7 A
      • Current draw (reception mode) - depends on TV set used
      • Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system in standard/power-saving mode – 30 mA / 10 mA (WLAN enabled/WLAN disabled)
      • Type Approval E1 10R - 068881
    • Scope Of Supply

      • External unit
      • Control box
      • Connection cable (5m)
      • Mountains plante
      • Mounting and instruction manual
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