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Mi01 Sentry
  • Mi01 Sentry

    SKU: Mi01


    Introducing the Mi01 Sentry, an innovative battery-operated tracking system designed for an expert after-theft service. Equipped with a 360° GPS antenna, GSM mobile data, and LoRaWan Protocol, it ensures maximum coverage. The Sentry employs state-of-the-art technologies, allowing it to be located underground, within vans, or even shipping containers. With anti-scan technology, the beacon emits a single positioning signal daily, accessible via the MiApp for historical point tracking. Its compact size and discreet mounting points make this Thatcham S7 accredited security system the optimal choice for securing your valuables.

    Unit Cost - £209.00

    Subscription - £99.00

    Total Upfront Cost - £309.00

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