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    At the heart of the Cytrac® DX system lies a network of 1,016 interconnected single antennas arranged in a honeycomb array. This unique configuration extends the reception range by several hundred kilometers compared to an equally sized flat dish. The signal accumulation employs cutting-edge mathematical calculation methods, resulting in an unparalleled reception range. This innovative technology not only surpasses the range of flat dishes but also produces unprecedented signal purity, particularly enhancing the quality of high-definition (HD) programs.

    Despite its advanced technology, the Cytrac® DX system maintains a compact profile, standing at a mere 14 cm in height. Its lightweight and compact design make it suitable for almost any vehicle roof. The robust exterior unit, crafted from cast aluminum, shields the sophisticated technology within. Engineered to rotate only when unfolded, the system incorporates a specially designed mechanical reinforcement to withstand even the most robust gusts of wind.

    Optional Features:

    • TWIN-LNB for personalized use: The satellite system offers an optional TWIN LNB, providing two satellite connections to feed a separate program to a second receiver or a second TV set with an integrated receiver.

    • Manual SKEW for extended range: Achieving optimal reception at the fringe of a satellite's footprint, especially in south-western and south-eastern regions, may require manual rotation of the LNB (Low Noise Block). The earth's curvature causes the receiver to tilt away from the satellite signal's orientation, known as the skew angle. To compensate, the antenna dish with the LNB in place must be manually adjusted so that the satellite signals fall onto the antenna at the correct angle for maximum reception range. Manual SKEW adjustment comes standard in all Cytrac® DX systems.



    The dedicated app for all ten Haaft mobile satellite systems provides easy control, enabling you to manage various functions such as retracting or unfolding the antenna, adjusting settings, accessing information, and reading error codes through your smartphone. An added advantage of the ten Haaft® app is its capability to automatically update the system software. In the event of technical modifications, your smartphone will notify you, allowing you to seamlessly install updates in the satellite system's control unit via WLAN. This ensures a continuous and trouble-free TV entertainment experience while you're on the move.

    • Technical Specification

      • Dish diameter 56 cm x 56 cm
      • Height ~ 14 cm
      • Weight of external unit ~ 16 kg
      • Weight of mounting material and accessories ~ 2 kg
      • Automatic satellite aiming
      • Max. permissible vehicle speed 130 km/h
      • Connected voltage (on-board voltage) 12 V / 24 V
      • Max. current draw during satellite search 7 A
      • Current draw (reception mode)
      • Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system in standard/power-saving mode 30 mA / 10 mA 2)
      • Type approval (KBA) E1 10R - 068566
    • Scope Of Supply

      • Dish
      • Control Unit
      • Connection cable kit (5m)
      • Mounting plate
      • Operating- and mounting instructions
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