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Crusader Products Caravan Covers
  • Crusader Products Caravan Covers

    The Crusader CoverPro is a high-quality storage cover designed to protect caravans from various environmental factors while in storage. Here are some key features and details about this product:


    • Size Range: The Crusader CoverPro is available in a range of sizes to accommodate caravans with body lengths ranging from 12 feet to 25 feet, with further options for extra wide caravans. 
    • Waterproof and Breathable: The cover is constructed with a 4-layer design, making it highly water-resistant while still allowing for breathability. This helps prevent dampness and mold build-up inside the caravan.
    • High-Level Hooded Vents: The cover features high-level hooded vents that ensure good airflow even in wet conditions, reducing the risk of condensation and moisture accumulation.
    • Elasticated Front Straps: Elasticated front straps provide a snug fit, helping to secure the cover in place.
    • Reflective Corner Blazes: Reflective corner blazes on the front and rear of the cover enhance visibility in low light conditions, reducing the risk of accidental bumps or damage from other vehicles.
    • Non-Abrasive Inner Layer: The soft inner layer of the cover is non-abrasive, ensuring that it won't scratch or damage the caravan's surface.
    • Full-Height Corner Zips: Full-height corner zips are included on all four corners of the cover, allowing for easy access to the interior of the caravan without needing to remove the entire cover.
    • Strong, Adjustable Straps: Strong and adjustable straps are located under the caravan to facilitate easy fitting and adjustment.
    • Comprehensive Protection: The Crusader CoverPro is designed to protect your caravan from stains, dampness, dust, snow, rain, birdlime, heat, airborne pollutants, and sunlight, helping to maintain the caravan's condition during storage.
    • 4-Ply Hitch Cover: The product includes a 4-ply hitch cover to protect the hitch and stabilizer assembly from the elements.
    • Free Storage Bag: A durable storage bag is included with the cover at no extra cost, making it convenient to store the cover when not in use.
    • Free Hitch Cover: The CoverPro also comes with a 4-Ply Hitch Cover to protect the hitch and stabiliser assembly from the elements.
    • Size Specifications: The Crusader CoverPro is suitable for caravans up to 2.2 meters (7 feet 7 inches) wide and with a body height (excluding wheels) of up to 2.31 meters (7 feet 2 inches) high.

    Overall, the Crusader CoverPro is a comprehensive and premium storage cover designed to safeguard your caravan from a wide range of potential hazards during storage and over the winter months, ensuring that it emerges in pristine condition when you're ready to use it again.


    • Reccommendations

      If you have an aerial / satellite dish on the roof, we suggest to cover it with an upturned bucket / box to prevent any potential damage to the cover, and if you are close to the upper limit of the size of the cover to go up to the next size of cover, due to the additional material used to cover the aerial / satellite dish.

    PriceFrom £89.90
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