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Crusader Motorhome Cover Pro
  • Crusader Motorhome Cover Pro

    The Cover Pro motorhome cover offers a comprehensive set of features designed to protect and maintain your motorhome. Here's a summary of the key features and benefits:

    • Universal Fitment: You can choose from various size options to find the cover that fits your specific motorhome, ensuring a snug and tailored fit.
    • Adjustable Straps and Hem: The cover includes adjustable straps on the front, sides, and rear, as well as an adjustable hem. These features allow you to customize the fit for your motorhome, providing a secure covering.
    • Durable Construction: It is constructed from heavy-duty 4-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric. This material is highly water-resistant, UV stable, and breathable.
    • Stress and Tear Resistance: The innovative rounded pattern bonding technique used during manufacturing enhances the cover's ability to resist stress and tears, increasing its durability.
    • Breathability: The cover's breathable properties are essential to prevent condensation buildup under the cover. This helps avoid water accumulation on the motorhome, which can lead to dampness or mold issues.
    • Zip Openings: Zip openings on the driver and passenger doors simplify access to the interior of your motorhome when it's in storage. These zips also make the fitting process more convenient.
    • Storage Bag: The cover comes with a handy carry bag for storage when not in use, ensuring it remains neat and easy to transport.
    • Key Features

      Additional Features:

      • Reversible design for use with any door position on either side.
      • Main zips at each corner for easy fitting and access.
      • Multiple zips on the unit door side to fit various door positions.
      • Adjustable tightening straps at the front and back.
      • Side-to-side adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
      • High reflective flashes on all sides for added safety.
      • Elasticated hem all around the bottom for a close fit.
      • Extra adjusting front strap to accommodate different motorhome shapes.
      • Custom air vents on each side for ventilation.
      • Deluxe storage bag included with every cover.
      • Zipped door panels that can roll up at the front, middle, or back for easy access.
    • Specification

      • Weight when boxed: 16Kg
      • Box height: 580mm
      • Box width: 500mm
      • Box depth: 500mm

      If you have an aerial / satellite dish on the roof, we suggest to cover it with an upturned bucket / box to prevent any potential damage to the cover, and if you are close to the upper limit of the size of the cover to go up to the next size of cover, due to the additional material used to cover the aerial / satellite dish.


      If your motorhome has a cab hump, we recommend you purchase a cover that is the next size up.

    PriceFrom £152.43
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