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CaravanStore / XL
  • CaravanStore / XL

    Introducing the Fiamma Caravanstore, a user-friendly, robust, and lightweight bag awning featuring manual operation. Uniquely designed for caravans and minivans, it incorporates a tubular rewind mechanism ensuring a wrinkle-free fabric appearance.

    Setting up the Caravanstore is a breeze, taking just 45 seconds to fully roll out. The patented wide roller ensures effortless rolling and unrolling, maintaining a smooth, wrinkle-free fabric.

    Key Features:

    • Rail Installation: Quick and easy installation on the rail.
    • Bag: Soft and comfortable anti-scratch tape for added convenience.
    • Easy Regulation: Arm adjustment system with various fabric extension positions.
    • Integrated Legs: Telescopic legs, conveniently stored in the roller, easy to extract.
    • Wall Fixing: Rubber kit provides protection to the side wall of the vehicle.
    • Double Guide: Enables the installation of two front panels and accessories.
    • Roller: Allows fabric rolling in both directions for flexibility.
    • LEDs: Optional kits for illuminating the environment, adding to the awning's versatility.

    Choose the Fiamma Caravanstore for a hassle-free and efficient awning experience, making your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

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